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Cat6A Riser CMR Solid Copper 1000FT Ethernet Cable

  • $237.00
  • Brand: 52Cables
  • Product Code:C3RI-SB
  • Availability:10

52Cables provides

Cat6A CMR riser UTP solid Ethernet networking Cable is great for your indoor voice, data, video and security networking applications. Attempting to wiring your home, office or entire campus, We have the network solution is suits you. This Cat 6a Cable is the perfect fit for reliable installations where the cable will be used indoors. This cable has 8 conductors (4-Pairs) are solid bare copper with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) insulation; Rosh’s Compliant. Additionally, this cable has a tinned copper drain wire which grounds the electricity once it has been terminated. This drain wire is required on all un-shielded cable so as to prevent signal loss, cross-talk, and other performance issues. Cat 6a riser Cable is ideal for indoor LAN applications, making it the best solution for indoor installation runs that require the cable to be installed in walls or other non-plenum areas..Cat6a Riser cable presents the perfect solution for low voltage, environmental air space applications. Whether your installation includes security, fire, sound, HVAC or voice and data. Cat6a Riser Wire matches and meets all Tests Likes EIA, TIA, ROHS, and IEEEA. 


           4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable

            No Smoke, CMP plenum rated jacket
            Suitable for 750 MHz high-speed data Transfer
            Smooth and fast speed
            Highly economical
            Long lasting and durable cable: ROHS Complaint
            Reel packing in the box
            Length: 1000 feet
            Available in Blue and White 

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